Logelite is among the leading IT establishments striving to fulfill our client’s requirements and demands better. We offer services ranging from web designing, web hosting, web development, e-commerce solutions, SSL certificates, and much more.

Our clients rate us as the best Web Development Company in the USA, UK, Canada, and UAE. Logelite is committed to providing the best possible value to its clients. We are a Website Designing Company that will help your business by providing you with an elegant and pleasing-to-look-at website that will attract customers.

Our dedicated team of experienced designers, developers, and tech enthusiasts ensures that what we do should be of top quality. Our 24/7 support staff makes it possible for our clients to resolve their problems in a pinch no matter what time it occurs.

If you are looking for the best web development company, Logelite will be perfect for you.

Services We offer

Logelite offers a wide variety of website design and development options that our clients can choose from as per their requirements.

Web Designing and Development

Being in the game for so long as a web development company, we understand our client’s requirements better than most others. We offer all sorts of website configurations, static, dynamic, and robust sites for e-commerce and corporate websites.

As a website designing company, we have professionals with a keen eye for elegance. We try to make the website look and feel as good as one can expect. Our website design service includes many things that bring a great deal of innovation and expertise in all areas of website design and web development.

We offer the following types of websites:

Static Website

These websites typically consist of web pages stored in a server, which get presented to the user when receiving the request from the user’s web browser. The server delivers the web page as it is without making any adjustments whatsoever. Static websites are best for showing simple information to the visitor that does not update frequently.

These are simple webpages that don’t change automatically, hence static. Statics sites are not complicated, require less time to load, and are typically cheaper to build than other websites.

Our design and development team at Logelite excels in creating awesome-looking and robust static websites. We will offer you complete Static Website design and development solutions at more affordable rates than our competitors.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites are the ones that change on the fly. The information on these websites tends to change with user interactions. If you require a website that can pull data from a database and display it to the user in real-time, then a dynamic website is what you want.

Unlike a static website, dynamic sites will provide you with a greater degree of flexibility and power to adapt quickly according to the latest trends.

We create powerful and user-friendly dynamic websites that our clients can easily manage. Our team designs a website that is not only dynamic but also super responsive. You won’t feel a delay in loading information when using the website.

Corporate Website

A corporate website represents the vision and activities of a corporate enterprise. With our years of experience as a web development company, we understand our client’s needs for a corporate website. We have expertise in providing websites tailored according to the specific needs of our clients.

A corporate website is not just another web portal; it is your company’s brand image on the internet. So, you have to take special care when deciding on a company for building your corporate website. Any website designing company can offer you a corporate website package, but we can assure you that none will be as affordable and reliable as Logelite.

We have a highly qualified team with real-world experience working on multiple corporate websites from start to finish. And our work does not end with the deployment of your website; we provide various value-added services to ensure that you will not face any issues with your website. These value-added services include round-the-clock technical assistance and security features for your corporate website.


Logelite offers you an excellent e-commerce website with superb support. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business, you can take advantage of our expert team ready to assist you at every step. Our innovative team will develop a full e-commerce website, which will be flexible enough that you don’t have to be an expert to run it.

Our e-commerce website plan will provide you with a full-fledged online store that will fulfill all your requirements. It will support hassle-free e-commerce transactions, making it extremely easy to manage. You can easily add new products or update product descriptions, images, and stock info without jumping through hoops.

By leveraging our team’s experience and expertise, we will provide you with an e-commerce website that will offer your visitors a seamless experience. Our e-commerce solutions include a CMS (content management system), which will give you n excellent and easy-to-use interface to update and manage your website.

If you are looking for a web development company that can offer you an affordable and quality online store, Logelite should be your first choice.

Open Source Customization

Logelite is the best option for open-source customization. With the help of our expert team, we offer a plethora of services in open-source customization. Our experienced web developers and designers will make it easier for you to get a WordPress website for blogging. We not only have expertise in managing and customizing WordPress, but our experts can easily manage and set up a Magento design, including a Magento theme and Magento extension.

We are proud of the quality we offer when it comes to our open-source customization service. It is not only our quality; our package price is also among the most affordable that you can find in the industry. We assure you that you cannot find the quality level at the price we offer for open-source customization.

We offer our clients adaptive, flexible, and user-friendly websites that are easy to work with and manage with little to no technical know-how. Our expert teams are committed to helping you get a high return on your investment and to expand your business prospects.

At Logelite, we are always ready and equipped with the right tools to resolve all your queries and doubts around the clock. Our highly experienced team of professionals is happy to help our clients with any issue they might face regarding their website.

We offer open-source customization services for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, etc.

Why Should You Choose Logelite?

After reading all we have to offer, you might be thinking, “well, these are the services that I can get anywhere; why should I choose Logelite?” To answer your question, let me tell you about our vision.

Logelite is not just any website designing company or a web development company. We pride ourselves as an IT company that not only provides website design and development services but as a company that offers its clients a unique experience.

Our philosophy is not only to create websites but also to build lasting relationships with our clients. The only thing that can make a client-company relationship last is the quality of service a company provides.

At Logelite, we have teams of experts that have years of experience working in their respective fields. They understand the nitty-gritty of web development, website design, technical support, and many niche things that an ordinary person is not savvy enough to comprehend. With these experts’ help, we create an environment for our clients to prosper.

Our company’s vision is to be a leading name in the IT industry, which we can only achieve by providing quality service to our clients. When you choose any of our website development plans, you get 24/7 access to our experts that will craft your website with elegance and passion, giving attention to details and focusing on what matters most for you.

When you choose Logelite, you become part of our extended family, and like a family, we will do everything to make sure that whatever you are trying to accomplish via your website will go as per your plan. We operate a client-friendly enterprise, believing that our customer is of paramount importance in our growth and success. For us at Logelite, our growth, and success are tied to our client’s growth and success.

Each individual at our company strives to keep us on the path of positively impacting our clients by giving them the products and services they require, on time, and as per their desire.

We are committed to providing real-time solutions to any problem that our clients might face. We have implemented a responsive and up-to-date grievance redressal system to address any complaints right away.

Logelite does not only provide the best quality website design and development solution; we offer them at more affordable prices than our competitors.