Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy.

At Logelite Pvt. Ltd., we assure our clients and visitors that their data is well protected under our privacy policy. We only collect limited information about you under your desired results and services. We have mentioned our privacy guidelines below. Ensure you read them carefully. When you use our website, you automatically permit us to collect the information.

Information Collected

We gather information such as name, mobile number, address, mode of payment, billing details, email address, and all data you provide us through our website. In case of additional data, you will be notified through our website.

Information Use

Also, check our information use. We use this information or data to analyze your search history when you visit our website. It helps us understand the kind of services you are looking for. We do not collect any unauthorized or encrypted data that is illegal. We use the data collected primarily to process the task for which you visited our site. All reasonable precautions are taken to avoid unauthorized access to this data. This safeguard requires you to provide additional forms of identity if you want to obtain data about your account details.


We also collect cookies. Internet search engines usually store specific files, which are known as cookies. These cookies contain data that helps our website recognize the user. We collect cookies and use them to improve your browsing experience. You may always avoid this by not allowing the collection of cookies.

Disclosing Information

We don’t disclose any personal data obtained about you from this website to any third parties. We may also use your information to keep in contact with you and inform you about related developments. You would be allowed to remove your name from any mailing list or similar device.

If at any time in the future we wish to disclose information collected on our website to any third party, it will only be with your consent and knowledge. We might, from time to time, provide information of a general nature to third parties. These may include the number of individuals visiting our website or submitting a registration form. However, we will not use any data that would identify those individuals.

We regularly update our privacy policies. Hence, we advise our visitors to visit our website at regular intervals and read our policy changes once in a while. We recommend you approve the current privacy guidelines before visiting the website or subscribing to our services. If you have any questions about our website’s Privacy Policy, feel free to email us and contact us.