Web Development, also called Website Development, refers to the tasks involved in building, creating, and maintaining websites and web applications that run online in a browser. However, it also includes web designing, database management, and web programming. Here is the step-by-step guide to mastering programming languages and a Web Development career in India.

Website Development is closely related to app properties and functionality (web designing). The term development is commonly reserved for the actual construction of these things (that is, site programming).

The main tools for Web Development are programming languages called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascade Style Sheet (CSS), and JavaScript. However, many other programs are used to “manage” or facilitate the creation of websites that would otherwise need to be done “from scratch” by writing code.

Past and future statistics of Web Development

Before we dive into any in-depth website development statistics, here are a few stats to give you the previous and current state idea of the web:

  • The website development field comprises 26.2 million developers worldwide, and the web industry is growing faster than average. By 2030, there are projected to be 45 million website developers worldwide. This growth is largely due to the growing digitization of services and goods.
  • Maximum number of websites worldwide: almost 1.8 billion. Maximum number of websites in India: 5 Million (registered website)
  • 4.48 billion social media users are active. There are 467 million people from India alone who use social media.
  • 85 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 73 percent of companies invest in Web Designing to differentiate their products and brands. (This is worldwide data)
  • There are more than 380 new websites created every minute worldwide.
  • Web Development jobs are growing! The job and the demands of Web Developers and Designers are projected to increase by 8% from 2019 to 2029; this is much quicker than other jobs.

The above data shows the growing demand for Web Development according to the stats.

Nowadays, many businesses are going online; therefore, the demand for Web Developers is increasing daily. A website is an essential part of any online business. If you want to know more about the Web Development career in India in 2022, stay tuned and continue reading this blog.

Web Developer

Before knowing about the job, we will discuss Web Developer. Simply put, a Web Developer is responsible for coding and programming websites and web-based services at the back-end. It is difficult to differentiate between the responsibilities and roles in various web positions, such as Web Designers and Developers.

What exactly do they do?

Web Developer responsibilities include talking to clients over the phone and meeting clients to understand their needs. Web Developers need to get a clear answer to their questions, such as what they want their website to do for them. What kind of features does a client need their site to have? It would help if you always spoke to the client before working on their website.

If you talk with your client while working on their website, it would significantly impact your work. You may successfully fulfill your client’s demand for what they exactly want. As a Website Developer, you can ask your employer to work on both the back end and front end of websites. Or you can be asked to work on just one of the two aspects. Few developers use Photoshop to work on website design, while others use programming languages like HTML and CSS to write the code.

If you want to grow your career as a Web Developer, you need to know software programming languages, designing principles, and web applications. A Web Developer can work as a full-time employee with a company or a part-time one as well. They may even work freelancing. Here we will mention some essential responsibilities that a Web Developer has to fulfill: Use CSS, PHP, HTML< JavaScript, and other different languages to design websites.

  • Test and build website applications
  • Collaborate with graphic designers, website designers, and others
  • They help to troubleshoot web-related problems
  • Maintain and update websites
  • Track the traffic of the website

The Web Developer also works with the project manager to ensure the final product meets the pre-defined scope, design, and budget. Sometimes they need to show their client a website prototype to let them know what the final product will look like in reality. It’s an essential thing, and every Web Developer should follow it.

The demand for a Web Developer

The demand for Web Development in 2022 is growing. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Website Development provided jobs to 174,300 Web Developers in the United States alone. It is the only ratio of U.S. If we talk about the global level demand of Web Developers, it would be much more than this. It is one of the most demanding platforms in India as well.

Demand and employment of Website Developers are projected to grow thirteen percent from 2018-2028, much quicker than the average for other occupations. Web Development is all about innovation and new technologies. Therefore, it is growing as a career option. Many solutions and big companies hire these developers to improve their websites and increase company growth.

Why is Web Development good and bad as a career?

As we know, Web Development is a good career option, but it also has some negative points. We have made a list of the pros and cons of website development. We bet you were not aware of them before!

Pros (why it’s good as a career)

Provides Stability

The web is a stable material that is not going away in your lifetime. A Web Development career will provide you with long-term visibility and stability. It’s an evergreen field that is increasing day by day. Most business is turning online; therefore, it has become essential. The job field is growing as the internet becomes a broader community daily, creating new opportunities for Website Developers.

Infinite possibilities for creativity

Web developers can design and build websites from beginning to finish. It’s a well-known fact that developers are great artists. You can create specific things that affect your users. For example, creating a brand-friendly website allows users to spend more time on that website and get more value from it. Web Development has endless opportunities to be innovative.

Remote work is possible.

It is the most amazing fact that the technology industry doesn’t require the typical 10 to 7 schedules. You may do your work from anywhere if you have strong internet access. It provides pretty more flexibility than other jobs. For many people who have dreamed of working for themselves, this is the most fantastic and perfect career option as they don’t require working with any agency or company.

Various brands look to hire freelance Web Developers and Designers. You may work as a freelance Developer with a client base of your own. If you have enough clients, you may start your own work and company in a few years. Therefore, the Web Development career in India or even worldwide is at its peak.

The above-mentioned point shows the advantages of Web-Development. Now we throw some light on the cons.

Cons (Why it is bad as a career)

Pros are heavier than cons. Still, it has a few cons that we are going to discuss in this blog.


Website Developers have to work with tight schedules and deadlines like most jobs. If the deadline specified by the customer does not complete the project, the developer will have to work overtime to prepare and complete the website. Sometimes, if the customer is unsatisfied, they may have to make changes within the specified deadline without an extension. It can be stressful and often interfere with your social life.

Dealing with naïve clients is a challenge.

Most web developers work with clients who do not know to build or make websites. Some people don’t even know the difference between front-end and back-end developers. Because of this reason, they expect back-end developers to do the job of front-end developers and vice versa.

But because they are your clients, so it’s pretty difficult and almost impossible to ignore their suggestions and demands. Sometimes it can be challenging to convince customers that what they want from their website is harmful and unsuitable.

The game is constantly changing.

The field of computer information technology (IT) is evolving day by day. As a result, several new technologies, methods, languages, and codes are released daily into the market. Web Developers should keep up with the latest trends if they don’t want to be overtaken by their competitors. It is quite a challenging thing for a Web Developer.

If they keep updating themselves with trends, this point would be an advantage for them. Web Development as a carrier is on the rise. But before deciding to delve into it, make sure you weigh the pros and cons.

Future of Web Development

As we know, Web Development has become a significant part of the last decade. New techniques emerge daily, impacting where Website Developers concentrate their attention. Websites have become much more advanced because of new, updated techniques. If you want to continue participating in this game, it’s time to polish your development skills.

Previously, developers had to master HTML5 and CSS3; the web has updated and evolved into something much greater. The upcoming decade promises to bring additional changes. Various features are expected to impact Web Development in the future. So let’s get started with the latest Website Development trends you must know to improve the website.

Here is the complete list of web development future and trends, so stay tuned:

AI (artificial intelligence)

From education and gaming to healthcare and banking, AI (artificial intelligence) can be found across several industries. AI is changing the outlook of IT. It is doing it by recognizing emotions, filtering irrelevant content, and developing websites via an AI-enabled assistant in no time. There are a few of the top AI companies in India are NetrDyne, Unbxd, Active.AI, and Belong. Co.


Chatbots have been the focus of attention in recent years, but chatbot quality will be the next Web Development trend to increase conversion rates and engagement. Chatbots are a must for any website, no matter what industry your business relates to.

PWA (progressive web applications)

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is a great concept. They bring together the best of native apps and mobile apps by leveraging technological advancements. Simply put, a PWA is a web page or website containing various web browser features. There are several benefits to using progressive web applications. A few of those are reliability, the capability to do tasks offline, the ability to get push notifications, and outstanding UX.

More essentially, such websites are created quicker and are easier to maintain. Konstant Infosolutions, OpenXcell, IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd, & Y Media Labs are some companies that hire progressive website developers in India.

Web Developer Salary in India

If we talk about salary, it’s the part that speaks more than your actions and words. A Website Developer’s responsibility starts with designing and ends with maintaining a website and smooth execution. Salary totally depends on the skills and knowledge of a developer. The average salary of a Website Developer ranges from a minimum of Rs. 125,000 to the highest of Rs. 890,000.

But this salary range entirely depends upon several factors, from experience to the job to your area or location. Here we will mention Web Developer salaries in India: Based on their experience.

Website developer’s salary for fresher

A fresher-level Web Developer with less than one year of experience may expect an average total compensation (including bonus, tips, and overtime payment) of Rs. 241,239. It’s quite a good amount for those who have fewer times of experience in this field.

Early level Website Developer salary in India

A person who is an early-level Web Developer with 1 to 4 years of experience in this field may earn an average total compensation of Rs. 305,745.

Salary of Experienced Web Developer in India

An experienced website developer with 10 to 19 years of experience in this field gets an average total compensation of Rs 850,000 and much more. The salary is also based on job positions in India. A website developer has many career alternatives to explore, and the salary will vary depending on your role.

Salary according to the job positions

Front-End Developer- The average income of a Front-End Developer in India is Rs, 487,802

Back-end Developer- The average salary of a Back-end Developer in India is Rs, 393,054

Full-Stack Developer- The average salary for a Full-Stack Developer in India is Rs 607,012. The full-stack developer salary in India is equated to being the highest-paid job all over India.

Web Development Career Options

If you want to choose a Web Development career, you must select your position according to your interest. You may choose your career options, such as Front-end developer by learning Front-end languages, Back-end developer, Full-stack developer, Software engineer, senior Web Developer, etc.


The above-mentioned data is all about web development, and it shows Web Development career in India in 2022 is continuously growing. Not only in India but the demand for Web Developers in all countries is also rising daily. You may start your career as a Web Developer by learning about it. All you need to do is, learn different web languages and coding to begin your career as a Web Developer.