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Best Cloud App Development Company in India

Logelite is one of the leading cloud development companies in India that enable you to make your enterprise agile. Our team is here to help you move from legacy monoliths to better next-gen native platforms.

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Our Cloud Development Services

Custom Cloud Apps

Custom Cloud Apps

Developers at Logelite utilize their knowledge to help clients looking for flexible, custom, cloud-based applications. We deliver tailored solutions that feature everything you need.

Cloud-Native Apps

Cloud-Native Apps

Our team develops feature-packed cloud-native applications. Our cloud-based native web applications are known for their cost efficiency, reliability, and best security layers.

Cloud Migration & Integration

Cloud Migration & Integration

Logelite offers the best cloud migration & integration services all over the world. We can help whether you want a one-time migration from the legacy system or a real-time integration.

Cloud Data Management Solutions

Cloud Data Management Solutions

Our cloud data management solutions help you in the creation of promising strategies, data backup, data recovery, protection, automation and security, and much more.

Cloud SDK Development

Cloud SDK Development

Our team has excellent knowledge of developing software development kits that give you a precious opportunity to take complete control of your cloud-based solutions.

Cloud ERP Solutions

Cloud ERP Solutions

We develop cloud ERP solutions with intelligent technologies to allow you to transform into an intelligent enterprise. This helps you grow, innovate & optimize your resources.

# We Utilize All Advanced Technologies That Are Needed to
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Technologies We Proficient In

We use this versatile multipurpose programming language to deliver top-notch cloud-based applications. Our team uses Java to develop cloud-based apps for mobile, web, and desktops.


Hypertext Preprocessor is at the top of the list of our favorite technologies for developing cloud-based apps. PHP is the best for startups and mid-sized online businesses.

Node js

Our expertise in Node.js helps us to build highly scalable apps with great performance. We help businesses of all sizes by developing the best cloud-based applications with Node.Js.


Angular is a compelling framework. We utilize this powerful JavaScript framework to help businesses get the most suitable cloud-based applications for their overall growth.


React, as an open-source framework, is known for cloud-based application development. Logelitians have an excellent grip on this framework to deliver the best cloud solutions.


Our knowledge of the .NET framework allows us to work with different languages, tools, and libraries for building scalable cloud-based mobile, web, and desktop applications.

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Logelite is paramount when it comes to cloud development. We have been enlightening customers to embrace this leading technology for decades and providing results as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud app development?

What are the benefits of cloud app development?
What programming languages are commonly used in cloud app development?

Most popular programming languages are commonly used in cloud app development, including Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript.

How long does it take to develop a cloud app?

The development time for a cloud app varies depending on the project's complexity, the size of the team you hire, and the availability of resources. It may take approx. one week to 1 month.

How can I contact you?

We are just one click away! You can mail us at contact@logelite.com or call us at +91-962-175-8356 to discuss your query.