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Payment Gateway Integration

Logelite is the ultimate guide for integrating a payment gateway with your online business. We all think that the process of integrating a payment gateway might be daunting, but Logelite makes it easier by incorporating new technologies.

It is a fact that if you want your e-commerce website to flourish, online payment gateways are necessary. Payment gateways establish a connection between the merchant's website and their payment processing banks, resulting in the secure transference of financial details.

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The payment gateways we integrate at Logelite ensure encrypting the details of credit cards,l or other payment methods. Firstly, we will offer you to fill Merchant Application Form (MAF) that documents essential information such as incorporation documents, copies of passports and bank statements, and utility bills.

Our satisfied customers are the testimonials of the safe and secure payment gateways integration we offer at Logelite. Your confidential details are safe with us, and we guarantee the same for your customers.