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Progressive Web Apps

Logelite Pvt. Ltd. ensures the development of Progressive Web Apps combining tech expertise with a proven result-oriented methodology. We have launched hundreds of fast, reliable, and engaging Progressive Web Applications.

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If you open your phone right now, you can see small icons on your screen that are popularly known as Apps. With time, these native apps reformed into a similar but simplified form with the name Progressive Web Apps or PWAs.

Progressive Web Apps are built with web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These apps are more secure and offer the feel and functionality of a native app. Moreover, they are pocket-friendly. Our team at Logelite makes sure that visitors on your app get a safe and secure experience and revisit it without any hassle.

Usually, small businesses prefer PWAs to avoid the cumbersome task of creating and developing an app. As we all know, it requires a hefty amount of money to build native apps, while our developers make the progressive web apps at a lesser rate.

Logelite takes pride to tell you that we attain a history of proper functioning of our progressive web apps, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our expert team ensures that the apps we make run on every device. Our web developers use specific programming languages that help build a version of the app for each type of device, Android and iOS.

Logelite believes in the quality of work, our experienced and talented team ensures to deliver the best quality of work. The rates at which we create and develop Progressive Web Apps are comparatively less than any other platform. We not only make the PWAs but keep an eye on their proper functioning also. We make updates on your website as per your requirements.

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Once you make a query, a team of Logelite will reach out to you. The business is yours, so we’ll let you decide what type of PWA you want. Our developers design the app precisely as per your requirements.

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