Computers hugely influence modern human life. One of the most vital skills to learn in today’s world is to know how to write a computer program. Computers have entered almost every industry, whether the autopilot in an aircraft or the digital speedometer in your bike. Today, almost every service and product use computers in some way. Programming has become an integral part of all the devices you use in your daily lives. Big tech manufacturers are deploying programming languages to promote the organization in business operations. They are essential as they allow for the generation of systematic and recurring tasks.

Programming languages are the reason the online services that we use today exist. Their number is pretty large, so you might ask yourself: which programming languages are the most worth learning and sought-after by businesses or companies in 2022? This blog presents the ten best programming languages that are currently on the rise. Let us see what technologies will be most popular in 2022. This blog also discusses the benefits and scope of these programming languages in the future.

Programming Languages For Web Development 2022

1. Python programming language

At the top of the list is the Python programming language. It is an object-oriented, general-purpose, and flexible programming language created nearly 30 years ago by Guido van Rossum. This technology is used in building applications such as Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Disqus, Dropbox, Spotify, Google Search, Youtube, Uber, and many more. Thus, programmers who know Python programming language are highly sought after by IT recruitment agencies. Python’s popularity is underlined by the fact that in 2020 Python was the top programming language in PYPL and TIOBE Index. One can assume that this tendency would continue.

According to Stack Overflow, Python programming language is the most popularly used backend programming language. It is the most wanted technology. Python is also the most popular language for machine learning engineers and data scientists. Python has a lot of followers and a great community that supports and helps each other. Although Python is 30 years old, it is still growing in popularity.

Benefits of using Python programming language

  • It offers several possibilities. It allows you to create apps, games, websites, AI software, and many more.
  • The time required to test the Python code is significantly reduced because of the interactive features of the language, such as quick code tests.
  • Python has a lot of fans as it is a clear and easy-to-learn syntax. It is a pretty popular choice for beginners.

2. JavaScript programming language

In second place is JavaScript. It is the king of the front-end programming language. It is a programming language used to make websites work. According to the Stack Overflow Developers Survey, it is the most popular and the second most wanted programming language in 2022. Although it is the most popular language, it was also the most demanded technology by hiring managers in 2021.

Like Python, JavaScript has a strong community and many off-the-shelf frameworks and libraries that make it easy to work with JavaScript. It has no competition if you need to create a front end for your application, website, or software. It is one of the best platforms in case of developing dynamic elements on your website.

3. Go programming language

The next language that is worth considering when you want to learn a new programming skill is Go. Google developed this technology in 2008, and it was used for developing web applications and APIs. Even though Go has not received a growth rate on such a scale as the previously discussed languages, it can still be classified as highly sought after in skills. It is an easy-to-learn and general-purpose programming language with a clean syntax, making it simple to write reliable and efficient software.

Today GO is one of the best-paid technologies. It is the second most demanded backend programming language. It means that if you learn the GO programming language, you will not have any problems finding a well-paid job. Go, like Python, is also used to create systems based on artificial intelligence. Thus, its popularity will likely continue to grow.

4. Java programming language

A few years ago, Java programming language probably would have been at the top of the list. Java was the language of the year in 2004 and 2016. However, the popularity of this well-known programming language is declining year after year. In addition, Java is still a stable programming language that many large corporations support. It is used by companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, NASA, LinkedIn, Uber, and many more. Despite similar names, Java programming language has little in common with JavaScript.

Java is a highly easy-to-use programming language. It furnishes better user interaction, basic debugging processes, excellent package services, graphical representation of data, and work simplification in large projects. Users view Java as a safe language due to its utilization of bytecode and sandboxes. Java programming language is now used in web development company, mobile applications, and Big Data. Java is the primary programming language for Android devices. Thus, its demand will still be high. It is still the 4 th most popular technology according to Stack Overflow.

5. C / C ++ programming language

C is among the oldest programming languages, from which other programming languages, such as C # and JavaScript, are derived. One can consider C ++ as an extended version of C. Both C and C ++ languages are high-performance, so they are usually used to build different web apps. They are universal languages. It means they can be compiled for many systems. Programmers love them for being pretty fast and efficient.

Speed and effectiveness are the two critical features of C ++. This way, C ++ can help make fast and well-coded algorithms when implemented correctly. C is the second most popular programming language, according to the TIOBE Index, right after Python.

6. C # programming language

C # is an object-oriented, high-level, and general-purpose programming language that originated as Microsoft’s answer to Java. C # programming language is tightly integrated with the .NET platform, both a runtime environment and a framework. C # is a technology developed to write applications for Windows systems. Still, since the .NET framework came to Mac and Linux systems, it is possible to create native software in C # language for virtually any platform.

You can use this technology to create anti-hacking software, mobile apps, Windows apps, video games, VR, and many more. Global giants such as Pinterest and Slack use it. It is currently ranked 5 th in the Tiobe ranking.

7. R programming language

Along with Python, R programming language is one of the most widely used languages in machine learning and Big Data. Many companies, including Facebook and Google, use R programming language. R is a popular programming language, along with data analytics. Thus, it is often needed in job offers. The R programming language has a built-in library that allows programmers to write machine learning algorithms. Given the growing demand and popularity of AI solutions, this technology will undoubtedly be worth learning in 2022.

8. Ruby programming language

Ruby is an interpreted and fully object-oriented programming language. It was developed in the 1990s. Developers often consider Ruby simple to learn. As a technology with an easy syntax, it is usually used for text processing, scripting, and prototyping new apps. Its significant benefit is the massive web frameworks and apps written in this language, such as the well-known Ruby on Rails. It is a stable and popular language used by Shopify, Starbucks, Twitch, or Tumblr. Moreover, it is the 6 th top-paying language in the world.

9. Kotlin programming language

Kotlin is a language that is part of the JVM family. It is concise and easy to learn and read. It has an intelligent and safe compiler. Kotlin can run on a variety of systems. When in 2018, Google announced that Kotlin is now its preferred language for Android apps, the interest in Kotlin programming language increased noticeably. It is worth knowing that Google apps are based on Kotlin.

If you are interested in Android application development and want to work in this field, learning Kotlin in 2022 will be the right choice. Although Kotlin has a smaller community of software developers than Java, it is much more well-liked ( almost 63 % of programmers said they love this language) and better paid.

10. Swift programming language

Swift is a programming language created in 2015 by Apple. It replaced Objective-C, which Apple company previously used. It is primarily used in devices running iOS, Mac OS, and Linux. Its syntax is similar to C # and Java. It allows you to write apps for smartphones, TVs, watches, tablets, computers, and servers. Apple is still one of the leading brands. As a result, Swift will continue to be a big player in 2022. According to TIOBE, its popularity is on the rise again, and as a result, it is a technology worth learning in 2022.


The knowledge of these programming languages can be vital for developing capacities for task automation and problem-solving activities. Indeed, knowledge of these languages paired with a few algorithms will open a plethora of tech job opportunities.