Get the most out of your remote employees with the most advanced Employee Management System in India

Logelite Pvt. Ltd. offers you the best, simplified, and most advanced employee management system at the most reasonable rates.The system is efficient in live monitoring, accurate time tracking, and other unique features.

Work From Home! The pandemic made us familiar with this new working style, but are your employees dedicated and honest enough to truly “work from home”? Now, you need not worry as Logelite Pvt. Ltd. is here with the best Employee Management System.

Our system will help you manage your employees as well as the whole organization. We are a one-stop solution that makes sure you run your company effectively while monitoring the employees.

The live monitoring facility we offer gives complete access to the employee’s work screen from where you can watch their activities. Isn’t it amazing to have an office-like feel even when you are not in the office?

Logelite takes the responsibility of time to time updating in the system as per the requirements.

The top Features of our Portal include the following:

A dashboard where you can watch the number of registered employees, active employees, and even the sales report

Detail of every employee consisting of designation, gender, working task, time of initiating the task, active duration, total duration, and the current status.

The Portal gives you access to the work report of an employee from the first day of working to the current day. In the live task section, you need to click on the particular date section and see the complete work details of that specific date.

It provides team details with the name of the team leader and the members. You can update the list and create a new team or remove the members of a particular group at your convenience. This feature will help you manage the whole team single-handedly.

Our EMS shows the sales report from a particular month to the whole year and saves your time from the mundane task of searching files.

The admin can edit the details of any employee and manage their activities without any hassle.

You get access to a complete monthly report of an employee, including attendance list, types of leaves (half-day or full-day), and the number of active days.

Last but an essential feature of this Portal is its notification section. Here, we offer you an encrypted office notice board that saves your time from texting on other apps. In the notification section, you can publish a notice that will directly reach all the employees simultaneously.

Logelite is offering you such a large amount of features, that too at a comparatively lesser rate. So, please do not waste your time and money somewhere else and place the order on our official website.