Privacy Policy

We at Logelite takes the privacy of our clients very seriously. For us, maintaining the confidentiality of our client details is of the utmost importance. This privacy policy also extends to all the products we provide. Logelite also follows strict privacy guidelines to ensure the privacy policy’s implementation in all the services we provide to our clients.

What Information Do We Collect?

When a new user register with us, we store all the relevant information in our database that they fill in the registration form. We also collect necessary information when you visit our website. We might also obtain information from our partners to provide them with a better experience. All this information helps us provide not only continuous but excellent quality service to our clients. When you sign in to our website or any service, you no longer remain anonymous. Logelite automatically receives and records information from your browser, including your IP address, hardware and software specification, cookie data, the page you request, and other standard browser data.

We often send one or more cookies to your system when you visit our page. These cookies contain a small file consist of a string of characters. We send it to identify your browser, which helps us provide you with a better experience. We use these cookies to store our user’s preferences and track their trends, making the experience seamless for them every time they visit our site or use any of our services. We may set cookies in your web browser when you use our’s or our partner’s services. Logelite may also store your messages to process your inquiries, respond to your request, and improve our services.

We also collect necessary information when you publish content, transmit information, post any material using any of our services. We have put an extensive infrastructure that consists of servers located at multiple locations, and there is also an elaborate network of data centers that work with the servers. This infrastructure’s components are owned and operated by Logelite and our partners to deliver excellent quality service to our clients. The information we collect from our users either resides with Logelite or our partners who, like us, takes the confidently of our clients very seriously and believe in providing a better experience and services to our clients.

How We Use The Collected Information?

We have guidelines in place on how to process and use the information we collect from our clients. We only use our clients’ collected data for the sole purpose described here in our company’s privacy policy. These purposes include:

These Terms of the privacy policy are present in every service offered by Logelite, and you may also find it in’s Customer Master Agreement.

No-Spam Policy

Logelite maintains a stringent NO-SPAM policy in all of our dealings with our clients. We never use any information that we collect to send spam emails or messages to our clients. We also implemented a strict policy of not selling our clients’ contact details to a third party. We take every possible step to avert any privacy breach from happening. We safeguard our client’s data with the utmost sophistication by adopting the best security measures. Our focus is on providing the clients the quality service they desire and protect them from unnecessary spams from our side.

Personal Information

We ask you to provide us your personal information only when you sign up for a service that requires registration. We follow the practice of intimating our clients about when and how we use their data. The purpose described in this privacy policy defines the scope of personal information usage by Logeltie. If you don’t want to share information, many web browsers can disable cookies or notify you when the browser sends or receives a cookie. However, some of our services may not work as intended if you disable cookies in your web browser. We might not be able to deliver you the promised features if you deny our services the access to the cookies. While the client is at liberty to deny personal information requests, they should understand that they will be responsible for the nonfunctioning of some services by our company that relies on the client’s personal information to do their intended work.

Information Sharing

Logelite takes the confidentiality of our clients’ data seriously and doesn’t share it with any untrusted third party. We only give the clients’ information limited access to the following trusted groups, companies, and individuals. We require the client’s consent before sharing their data with any entity beside Logelite. We share customer’s data with our partners, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, trusted business partners, and other individuals only for using it on our behalf. It will provide a better and speedy solution that improves the quality of the products and services we deliver to our clients.

We also ensure that all the parties involved in handling, processing, and using clients’ data should agree to terms of use mentioned in this privacy policy. We only work with those who follow strict confidentiality and security protocol for managing sensitive data. Our privacy-focused practices set us apart from our peers and make us a leader in the IT Services industry.

We have protocols that dictate that access, preservation, disclosure, or usage of such information is necessary herein to:

  • (a) Comply with a legal, governmental request, writ, or regulation of such information provided by the user.
  • (b) Terms of policy necessarily enforceable that include investigation of potential thereof
  • (c) Prevention, detection, stoppage of any misuse of the client’s personal or sensitive information
  • (d) Address technical faults or any other breaches of security by any agency.
  • (e) Protect the right of privacy of our client from abuse, fraud, or harm to property, rights, and safety of the user as permitted or required by the law.

Logelite reserve the right to share non-personal data in a non-aggravated from like demographic details of users. The clients don’t have to worry about the non-sensitive data sharing as it does not have any innocuous effect on privacy, and it does help us maintain a better quality of service.

Information Security

We have implemented a robust data management system to handle personal information. We carefully manage the storage of data and take appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorize or malicious use. We also have guidelines for alteration, storage, and destruction of data. We employ a combination of internal reviews and strict security measures to ensure safe collection, storage, and processing of sensitive data.

We also equipped our data centers with robust physical security measures to guard against any intrusion by people with malicious intent from gaining unauthorized access to sensitive and private data. We take the utmost care of our users’ privacy because their confidential information is something we value more than anything, as it is essential for our company’s smooth functioning. It also helps us provide the best services to our clients as per their needs.

We conduct rigorous background checks of our contractors, agents, and employees to ensure that we can trust the people handling our clients’ data with maintaining confidentiality. We take every possible step when it comes to protecting our customers’ privacy. Our trusted partners only get access to that much of the data required to operate, develop, or maintain our services. These contractors, agents, and employees are under legal and professional obligation to follow our guidelines regarding handling information. They are liable for criminal prosecution if they breach data confidentiality at any point. We ensure that our clients get a hassle-free experience and don’t have to worry about their private information.

We also implemented a policy to make corrections in your data stored in our databases if found to be inaccurate. We assure a speedy redressal of any issue that arises due to incorrect data. The user should note that Logelite reserve the right to makes necessary changes in the privacy policy without any prior warning or intimation from time to time as per the changing scenarios.

Logelite strive towards an accurate, speedy, and hassle-free access to data that helps us provide the quality services that are of paramount importance. These excellent services are what set us apart from our competitors.

We put our users’ privacy at the forefront of our policy as a company and always maintain customers’ information confidentiality. This one robust privacy policy also applies to the multitude of services and products that we provide. We ensure the strict following of the principle of keeping the clients’ privacy above everything else in the company.