How LinkedIn helps to boost your eCommerce Website?

Online selling has become so lucrative in the past few years that businesses are now trying to break into the eCommerce scene. In light of this global pandemic, people are not visiting stores as they used to, creating a problem for many businesses. The only viable option to survive in the situation the enterprises find themselves in is to adapt quickly. 

Though businesses with an online presence have struggled during this pandemic’s initial phase, their recovery path was a little less full of hurdles than to the companies without any online presence. eCommerce website development also has seen a rise in the pandemic.

Starting an eCommerce website seems like an excellent idea, especially in a time like this. However, upon embarking on the journey, you will quickly realize that it can get complicated fast. While it is easy to find a reputed eCommerce website development company and get your web store ready, the main hindrance to running a successful online store is acquiring the initial customers. Finding the right audience is an ongoing process, and unfortunately, it can be painfully slow when you start your eCommerce website. Though it is not easy to get the audience, you can boost your band’s visibility with the correct methods. Not all promotion methods cost a ton of money. Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn can help you promote your brand without asking for a single penny, only if you know how to harness its power.

While at first glance, LinkedIn might seem like a social media platform geared towards professionals. LinkedIn has also developed a reputation as a place to find employees and employment. However, in reality, it is more than what first meets the eyes. If you know how to harness LinkedIn’s full potential, you can use it for effectively promoting your online enterprise, and that even without paying a single dollar. If you don’t have a separate LinkedIn account for your eCommerce brand, here are a few reasons why you should.

Reasons your eCommerce business should be on LinkedIn

Increase online exposure

Online exposure is directly related to the success of your brand. The more people will become familiar with your brand, the likelihood of becoming your customer will increase. LinkedIn can be an excellent avenue for online exposure if you use it right. It is not just to let people find your business profile, but to make a strong association with your brand. 

LinkedIn works in a way that individual users can link to a business page. By doing so, your employees (including you) can amplify your brand’s exposure on the online platform.

Share your business story

A LinkedIn business page will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and business. You can tell your story, let people know about your mission, and inform them about what sets you apart from the competition. 

The more compelling a story you would have, the more likely it will be to get people’s attention. Pages attracting lots of visits have a higher chance of getting shared, resulting in snowballing popularity.

Interact with online business owners

LinkedIn is filled with tons of business professionals and entrepreneurs, meaning it is an excellent place for eCommerce website owners to start networking.

While a few of the connections you make on LinkedIn might turn into sales, the even more powerful opportunities arise from creating relationships with other business owners. They can use their audience to make your business page more visible. 

These business-to-business connections on LinkedIn often lead to spots on podcasts, guest posts on blogs, email blasts, affiliate partnerships, and various other collaborations. 

Businesses who stay active on LinkedIn see various benefits from connecting to other business owners, potential employees, and potential customers for their eCommerce store.

Become an expert

LinkedIn lets you publish posts and articles from your business page under your brand’s identity, meaning you can position yourself as an expert in your niche. Publishing on LinkedIn will make you build trust and buzz. Not to mention, the content you write is sharable, which can lead to more online visibility for your brand. 

Improve SEO

SEO – search engine optimization is the most critical component of an eCommerce store’s marketing strategy. One of the many reasons brands opt to dedicate their time and resources to maintain an active LinkedIn presence is LinkedIn can boost SEO.

While LinkedIn is rarely the only answer for developing a successful eCommerce business, it can be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. It can be a way to get results without spending any money. However, if you put all your only rely on LinkedIn and hope for success to find your way, you would probably be disappointed. 

It would be best to understand that LinkedIn is only as useful as you make it to be. It is a tool that you can use to boost your eCommerce website.

Tips and tricks that can help boost your eCommerce website on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has an active userbase of over 673 million users. It is a leading marketing platform used by advertisers of  Business-to-business services. However, eCommerce sites often opt for LinkedIn to reap the benefits that it can provide in boosting their business.

You can look at the following tips and tricks to boost your eCommerce website:

Using LinkedIn As A Promotional Platform

People new to LinkedIn marketing might find it overwhelming. But, it is the right platform for promoting your business with experts. People often consider creating a company page on LinkedIn to be challenging. However, making a business page on LinkedIn is not tricky, and neither is it a goal accomplishment.

While creating a business LinkedIn page is one thing, acquiring followers is another. You have to give it time and use appropriate techniques to ensure that your page will reach the right kind of audience. 

Observe The Algorithm

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s algorithm is not a black box that you cannot decode. On the contrary, LinkedIn is very transparent about the methodology it employs. You can observe the algorithm and use it to plan an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

The following are the key elements of LinkedIn’s algorithm.

  • LinkedIn has a bot that continually evaluates people’s content for quality work.
  • The bot analyzes customer engagement on your posts and keeps an eye out for high-quality posts.
  • LinkedIn has also employed human editors who check the content and decide to show or remove it directly.

Add Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are the sub-sections of your main company page. You can utilize them for highlighting individual parts of your business. If you have a coupon platform, try different using different pages for the best discount codes from particular categories.

Often people will find you via your showcase page and later use it to reach your company’s page. Showcase pages will also help you find targeted customers. LinkedIn allows a company to build up to ten spotlight pages by default. If you have more to show, you can submit a support request. 

Use Multi-Lingual Tools

LinkedIn provides you a unique feature through which you can customize your company’s description in multiple languages. Armed with this tool, you can target customers all over the world. 

If you are using multi-lingual tools, every visitor on your company’s page will see the description in the language they prefer. 

You also have the option to customize your company’s name in different languages. It will have a positive impact on your global visitors and help them feel important. 

Tag Your Connection In Posts

Tagging your connections in a relatable post will boost your business relationship with them. Instead of adding more and more contacts, try to develop a friendly bond with the people who connect to you on LinkedIn. Tagging people in posts will compel them to get interested in your posts and cultivate a long-term relationship.

While tagging a connection in a relevant post is good, mentioning them in everything is terrible. Only tag people in a LinkedIn post that can create interest or provide them some information. Tagging done right can add to your conversations and might lead you to valuable referral-based connections. 

Participate In Healthy Group Discussions

People often connect to social media groups to increase their connections. Many marketers usually spam groups that do not offer a purpose to connect. If you join a LinkedIn group, make sure to contribute to the conversation by providing valuable content. It can increase your worth to other marketers and help promote your business by generating positive feedback and leads.


It is easy to find an eCommerce website development company that will create you a beautiful looking web store. However, finding people for eCommerce website development is not the same as finding success in eCommerce. You can get your eCommerce website ready in little to no time, but you have to spend a considerable amount of time acquiring customers.

We live in a world with social media, and how we use it is entirely up to us. While there are many ways to promote your eCommerce business, they all cost money. So, it is essential to understand the power of using social media platforms such as LinkedIn to boost your eCommerce website without spending any money.

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