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Cost Per Click is the bidding model associated with Pay Per Click advertising framework, and Logelite precisely knows how to modify this model as per your business venture. In the Pay Per Click method you, the advertiser must pay a specific amount to the platform owner where your ad is running whenever someone clicks on one of your PPC ads. The cost you are supposed to pay each time is your Cost Per Click for that particular ad. But here is the catch it is not that easy to get hold of this system as it sounding to be, especially if you are new to this model. But with Logeliteís skilled team of strategists that master this heck of a task. Your only job is to give the customer what they are looking for at your online home, i.e., the product; everything else related to Pay Per Click advertising is on us, and we are so not kidding.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • 1. Browse Our Directory Of Participating Sites And Use Our Keyword Tool To Target The Ones That Are Appropriate For Your EBay Item(s).
  • 2. Choose Your Geographical Targeting, To Only Show Your Ads To Users From Specific Locations.
  • 3. Set Your Max Bid And Budget.
  • 4. Choose Any Of Your EBay Items.
  • 5. Your Ad Is Created Automaticaly.
  • 6. Your Ad Runs On The Categories You Have Selected.

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